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Windows Kyub Programmer

Building the Kyub Kits

Troubleshooting, Tinkering

Connecting to Reason Essentials Synthesizer and tips for lower latency

MIDI Chord Wheel template

Design Information


Others Stuff

Friendly program to set Kyub chords etc

link to download Windows Kyub Programmer

link to download new firmware from Kyub

This program requires that you have the Teensy bridge program (from ) loaded at "C:\Program Files (x86)/Arduino/hardware/tools/teensy_gateway.exe"). This program will normally be installed if you have installed the Arduino IDE for the Teensy

Building the Kyub Kits

Build instructions

link to building instructions

Troubleshooting, Tinkering

link to trouble-shooting, program modification instructions

Connecting to Reason Essentials Synthesizer and tips for lower latency

link to how to connect to a synthesizer

MIDI Chord Wheel template

link to ChordWheel

Design Information

Laser files compatable with

Acrylic Box, use Ponoko P2 0.177 Acrylic (finalized)

link to svg laser file for plexiglass housing
This is the file you need to make a 3" acrylic cube housing from Ponoko. Using their P2 material, you get four boxes.

Wooden Box, use Ponoko P2 0.204 Veneer core Birch (finalized)

link to svg laser file for plywood housing
Same file as above but adjusted for the slightly thicker veneer core birch. Use Ponoko P2 material and you get four boxes

Circuit Diagrams

Designer's Sketch

link to schematic image
This is a sketch of the circuit diagram that is a little easier to understand than the Eagle PCB schematic below.

Eagle Schematic

link to schematic file
This and the board file below should provide complete information about the printed circuit board.

Eagle Board Layout

link to board file
This is the Eagle board file. Let me know if Gerbers would be useful. We also have a Beta version that does not use surface mount parts but instead uses the breakout board from Adafruit Industries. Let us know if that would be useful.

Bill of Materials

link to BOM file

Teensy Pin Convention

link to Teensy numbering file


Source code

Note: the Kyub uses an Arduino compatable Teensy. You will need to augment the Arduino IDE. See the "Troubleshooting, Tinkering" document below.

Kyub Basic Sketch

link to Kyub Basic Arduino ino file
This program statically maps notes to Kyub pads according to standard scales selectable by the Kyub Mode button

Notes about Kyub Basic program
link to program companion file

Pad number assignments

link to pad numbering file
This diagram shows how the Kyub pads are numbered in the program


link to Kyub-kulele Arduino ino file
This is the best program to start with if you just want some fun. Two of the Kyub pads are used to select chords that control the notes of the remaining pads. See the following short instruction guide:

How to play the Kyub-kulele

link to Fast Start play instructions

Qdrum Beta

link to Q-drum Arduino ino file
In this program, the pads load a note buffer that is emptied like a machine gun at 250 ms intervals. Not your normal instrument logic but supernaturally precise rhythmic intervals. You have been warned.

Oke-drum Beta

link to Oke-drum Arduino ino file
I meant to have this running but had to ship a lot of boxes :) Here is a demo video This program uses the accelerometer calibration reading to change MIDI channels as you rotate the box. It seems a bit sensitive to the particular hardware so I need to think about it, but maybe it is inspirational Here is a tutorial for this demo.

Kyub-ulele with Whammy

link to Kyub-ulele with Whammy Arduino ino file
Here is a demo video This adds a virtual whammy bar to the Kyub-ulele program that sends MIDI pitch bend commands when the Kyub is rotated or shaken while a pad is held
Here is a tutorial for this demo.

Others STuff

Whitepaper on Latency Measurement

Discussion of Kyub Latency